Oil Country CNC Lathe Turning Center


Heavy Duty Oil Country Lathes have a reputation for their exceptional precision and reliability. Oil country lathes can easily accommodate large diameter turning and threading applications, as well as offer ideal solutions for the rigorous demands of the oilfield industry.

CNC Lathes are great for heavy-duty oil field applications. We offer a wide mix of productivity enhancing options, including enlarged spindle bores, work holding, tooling, part measurement, tool probing, steady rests, coolant systems, linear scales, control upgrades, live tooling, and Y-axis. This oil country lathe is designed for precise machining of relatively hard materials. The lathe oil allows this machine to easily cut metals while improving the longevity of the lathe machine. Also, with the advent of plastics and other materials, this CNC has become incredibly versatile, giving the manufacturer the opportunity to increase their competitive advantage throughout the machining industry.

These machines are used in a wide range of applications for a broad range of materials. These rigid machine tools remove material from a rotating workpiece via the lathe turning center with various cutting tools, such as tool bits and drill bits.

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CMD-2680-CNC-Oil-Country-Lathe_SCMD-2680 26″ 80″ 4″ 20 HP Request Info
CMD-30-33-CNC-Oil-Country-Lathe_SCMD-30120 30″ 120″ 6″ 20 HP Request Info
CMD-30-33-CNC-Oil-Country-Lathe_SCMD-33160 33″ 160″ 9″ 20 HP Request Info
CMD-38-98-CNC-Oil-Country-Lathe_SCMD-38160 38″ 160″ (Opt. 240) 6″ 30/40 HP Request Info
CMD-42-98-CNC-Oil-Country-Lathe_SCMD-4280 42″ 80″ (Opt. 240) 9″ 30/40 HP Request Info
CMD-42-98-CNC-Oil-Country-Lathe_SCMD-4780 47″ 80″ (Opt. 400) 10″ (Opt. 12) 40/50 HP Request Info
CMD-42-98-CNC-Oil-Country-Lathe_SCMD-5580 55″ 80″ (Opt. 400) 12″ (Opt. 14) 40/50 HP Request Info
CMD-42-98-CNC-Oil-Country-Lathe_SCMD-6380 63″ 80″ (Opt. 400) 14″ (Opt. 21) 40/50 HP Request Info
CMD-42-98-CNC-Oil-Country-Lathe_SCMD-70120 70″ 120″ (Opt. 480) 9″ 60/75 HP (Opt. 80/100 HP) Request Info
CMD-42-98-CNC-Oil-Country-Lathe_SCMD-79120 79″ 120″ (Opt. 480) 9″ 60/75 HP (Opt. 80/100 HP) Request Info
CMD-42-98-CNC-Oil-Country-Lathe_SCMD-98120 98″ 120″ (Opt. 480) 9″ 60/75 HP (Opt. 80/100 HP) Request Info

*Other Sizes Available