Production Solutions

Kent CNC offers a wide range of machine tool solutions that can be tailored for specific customer applications. There is a wide range of milling and turning solutions that are both automated and semi-automated that can be designed and integrated into a customer’s manufacturing plant floor.

There are several 5-axis milling solutions in the family of products geared toward high volume production. With the trend of eliminating multiple work holding setups and the demand of holding tighter part tolerances, the 5-axis milling solution is the leading edge of machining in today’s challenging manufacturing environment.



Die Mold Solutions

Kent CNC offers a wide range of milling solutions for both heavy milling and hard milling projects. Manufacturers also in need of die mold capabilities can rely on us to meet their requests quickly and supply them with the most reliable CNC machines in the industry. Our selection consists of multiple 5-Axis bridge style machining centers and gantry style machining centers that can be tailored to maximize cut usage for all of our die-mold machines. Along with a variety of high-torque and high-speed spindle options, all of our machines can be programmed to suit today’s high-speed machining parameters in the most cost effective way with the assistance from innovative technology.



Heavy Industry Solutions

For manufacturers with larger capacities and wishing to increase productivity in the most economical way possible, Kent CNC offers a wide range of reliable milling and turning solutions for heavier product output. Our machines are designed with innovative technology and can be automated to meet any product requirement while minimizing error and damaged parts. Durable and built to withstand the most demanding large machining and turning projects, these big machines are just what you need to increase your product output most efficiently. Take a look at our selection.



Aerospace Solutions

Kent CNC offers a complete range of milling and turning solutions that are designed specifically for aerospace applications. Our 3-axis to 5-axis bridge style mill product line offers the versatility of heavy and hard milling without compromising the speed of the machine. The superior cutting spindle design allows the machine to achieve high speed and high torque parameters of today’s cutting tools. This eliminates timely part fixture set-ups when machining aerospace structural parts and powertrain components.
Our gantry style line of 3-axis to 5-axis machining centers are engineered with a rapid feed rate to allow them to complete jobs at increased speeds with minimal down time between orders.

For the most demanding aerospace powertrain applications, check out our line of CNC lathe machines. We offer multiple horizontal and vertical turning lathes capable of meeting and exceeding any demand.



Job Solutions

Kent CNC offers a complete range of turning and milling solutions engineered with modern technology making our machines capable of completing any job application out there. All of our machines can be customized with options that suit each of our customer’s specific needs. Our machines not only cut parts precisely, they also cut down product lead-time. Minimize your cost by investing in a Kent CNC machine you can trust & rely on.